Late Bloomer Planter


I like this planter but I hate this plant. The prickers are so so terrible we have had a few

run-ins.  The plant aside this planter is nice. It can hold any plant you'd like. Spider plant, grass, weeds, weed, flowers. Literally anything. Don't leave it outside in freezing conditions, it could break! Keep her inside nice and safe. I put mine outside in nice weather but thats it. Well this specific one I don't touch anymore I just stare at it in loathing sometimes.  I have another one available that I dont have a picture of but it almost the same, just holds a little more dirt, and has a nice christmas cactus in it ;) Honestly gunna be bummed if someone buys it because I'll have to get the plant out and IDK how to do that without sacrificing my hands. 



Height 7"

Width 6"

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