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About Lily Calabrese Pottery

Hi! I am Lily, I grew up in Cavendish, VT where I raised goats and chickens with my Parents and 2 siblings. I attended The University of Vermont where I received my BS in Environmental Science. I have a passion for sustainable agriculture and landscape design, which I am currently exploring. 

My pottery reflects my playful and colorful outlook on Vermont life, focusing my attention on simple forms and surface decoration. Most of my work is wheel thrown terra cotta, a earthenware clay that once fired, becomes a rich red color. Terra cotta is not stoneware, meaning it is not fully vitrified after it is fired, though it is still durable and food safe. Because the finished pieces do contain a small percentage of water within the clay, and are able to absorb water if soaked (think terra cotta planters) I do not recommend using the microwave, as the pottery itself can heat up, potentially causing burns.  

I took 2 art courses while in college, a botanical drawings class and a mixed media drawing class, and both helped me realize, I love drawing! It has taken a lot of trial and error throughout my pottery career to combine drawing and pottery, but for now it has emerged in the form of majolica.


Majolica is a traditional technique that uses red earthenware to create simple smooth forms. The pieces are fired, then dipped it in a white tin glaze. Using the dried glaze dipped surface of the pottery as a canvas, you can "watercolor" on layers of colorful stains. The brushstrokes do not run when fired, unlike most glazes, and in the end a very accurate depiction of what was painted, emerges from the kiln. This is what you will find in my shop right now, an exploration of the majolica technique. 



Find Lily's work at:

Frog Hollow Gallery

Church St Marketplace

Vermont Gift Barn 

1087 Williston Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403

BCA Artists Market 

Saturdays 2-7pm in the City Hall Park Burlington, VT


Millers Thumb Gallery 

14 Breezy Ave, Greensboro, VT 05841


46 S Depot St, Ludlow, VT 05149

Special Acknowledgments:

    Will Stevenson and Ashley Rosemeyer  for website photos

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